Slate Coffee Roasters




Slate Coffee Roasters has been on top of must-visit list for a long time. It is located in Ballard neighborhood (a bit away from the main street in Ballard).

It is a small-sized place with a few seats (about less than 10) inside the cafe and outdoor seats. A barista brought me a menu to my table, which was just like a restaurant! I looked at the menu and found “Taste Flight”, which is like a sampler for their drinks. I would love to try the sampler, but he informed me that it usually takes 45 min to 2 hours to try depending how busy they are. I was (kind of) in hurry, so I went with deconstructed latte, which I have been dying to try! 🙂



From the left, it is espresso, which was made from Brazilian beans (sorry, I don’t remember the exact name of it!), grass-fed warm milk and a latte that you can enjoy all together.

The espresso had very rich, sour taste. I have tried Brazil coffees and thought they mostly have sour and citrus taste. The grass-fed milk was foamy and warm and surprisingly mild sweetness. I’ve never tried grass-fed milk, so I don’t know if all grass-fed milk tastes like this 🙂

Beautiful latte art!

Beautiful latte art!

The all together latte tasted aaaamazing, but my favorite of this deconstructed latte was to sip espresso first and then milk. The citrus flavor from the coffee was being mixed with warm and steamed milk. As it softens the citrus taste, it mixes with slight sweetness from the milk. It was just heavenly!!!!

What I liked about this place was, of course, coffee, but also the knowledgable baristas. They kindly explained their menu, coffee, pastries and seem very knowledgable. I didn’t get a chance to talk much with them but would love to next time!

(Slate Coffee Roasters just opened two new location, Pioneer Square and University District!)


Pastries (a chocolate cookie and a strawberry cream croissant)


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