Victrola Coffee Roasters

Victrola Coffee Roasters


Craving for a good cup of coffee? Looking for a local cafe in Seattle?

I believe Victrola Coffee Roasters is the one! This is a local coffee shop conveniently located in Capitol Hill in Seattle.

For me, this place always has welcoming and warm atmosphere. On a sunny day, you get to enjoy sunshine coming through large windows. It makes you feel like you’re sitting in a balcony or lying in bed on a lazy Sunday afternoon.



Not only does this place give you great atmosphere, but also they do serve EXCELLENT coffee. I haven’t paid a visit Victrola as many times as I used to, but I always had good coffee. This time, I tried pour over, called Ethiopia – Sidama – Ardi (I believe those are the names of places in Ethiopia), and it was the best pour over I’ve ever tried. The flavor was very rich and surprisingly smooth. They rotate the menu of pour over and the price varies on market price.

L1000251_Fotor_20150929The cool thing about this place is they have their own roasters inside the cafe, but unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of roaster area… They also have packaged coffee, so you can bring it home and enjoy! I haven’t tried their beans yet but can’ wait to get one!!

If you love coffee or visit Seattle, don’t forget to visit Victrola 🙂 Thank you for reading my post!


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