Espresso Vivace

Espresso Vivace,  Seattle


Last Sunday, I was strolling around Capitol Hill and couldn’t just leave there where good coffee is everywhere without getting myself a cup of coffee, so I stopped by Espresso Vivace.

I usually go for a Latte because this place is where latte art was born in! You gotta try what they are known for of course. Their latte may not be as rich as other places that I’ve tried, but what I like about latte here is the right amount of mild coffee and steamed milk, plus beautiful latte art.

To give you a brief information, they’ve served coffee since 1988 and roasted in the Northern Italian style since 1992. According to their information, they’ve been searching for the mildest arabica. Now I know why their coffee is mild enough 🙂




Latte art: I let it sit too long!

What I like about this place is its atmosphere. Its concept may not be modern and chic, but their warm lights, yellow and red furnitures, yellow wall make me feel like I’m in my favorite neighborhood cafe.


There are three different locations, 2 in Capitol Hill and 1 in South Lake Union. The other one in Capitol Hill is a sidewalk bar and has a few tables and chairs.

Espresso Vivace: 532 Broadway E, Seattle WA 98102


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