Ghost Alley Espresso

If you’ve visited Seattle, you’ve likely been to the famous Pike Place Market and the Gum Wall. Ghost Alley Espresso, a small and intimate cafe serving unique drinks menu, is located underneath the Pike Place and right next to the Gum Wall.


I’ve passed by this place like million times and never put my foot inside… I have no idea why…  Now I know I’ve been missed out a big time!!! Unlike the name of this cafe, it is charming, welcoming and cute inside. The Halloween decoration seemed perfect with the cafe.


I looked at their menu and they had some very interesting drinks. I’m all about unique drinks and love trying something different especially when it comes to coffee.

The drink that I tried is called Smog, which is a combination of earl gray + vanilla + espresso. The barista informed me neither earl gray not espresso overpowers each other and they mix well together. I love earl gray and it sounded amazing, so I gave it a try! I could definitely taste earl gray and espresso and it was delicious! I got it iced, but I think I’d have liked it better with hot.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset


Besides Smog, Ghost Alley Espresso offers unique drinks menu.
*Salted Nut Latte: salted caramel + hazelnut
*Sweet Lydia: chamomile tea + white chocolate + espresso
*Mystery Mocha
*Iced Doppio Crema: two shots over ice with heavy cream

Among those drinks, Iced Doppio Crema sounds so good to me and will definitely be my next choice 🙂

If you get to visit Ghost Alley Espresso, I’d love to hear how you enjoy it 🙂

Thank you for reading my post!


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