Miir Flagship – Bottles, Bikes, and Bags


Coffee and beer? Coffee and bikes? Beer and water bottles?

Miir Flagship is not just a cafe. They sell sustainability: Bikes, bottles, bags, growlers, cups….  Their drinks and products are amazing, but what made me amazed was its social impacts.

It was one of the sunny weekends in Seattle last spring. I was strolling around Fremont area with my boyfriend and knew I had to stop by Miir Flagship since a lot of people raved about this place and the photos of Miir that I came across on Instagram looked fantastic!

What caught my eyes first when I first walked in was the colorful bottles, growlers, cups on display, which are available for sales, and bikes.

I’m a big coffee lover, but my boyfriend is not quite as much as I am, so it’s not always easy to take him to a cafe to share coffee with me… But, the good thing about Miir is not only they serve coffee, but also have great options for beer on tap. So, this was a perfect spot for us! (The beers on tap change on a regular basis and check the menu on their website here: https://www.miir.com/pages/flagship)

I ordered cortado, my boyfriend ordered a glass of beer on tap and we shared a slice of fig pie. I must say that everything was so delicious! This was my first time trying cortado and it had a perfect mixture of sweet, bitter and creamy taste, and the pie was so good that I almost wanted to get the whole pie 🙂

Bryan, the founder of Miir, experienced life or death ski accident, which made him change his perspective on business, and eventually had started Miir, the merged form of business and philanthropy. According to its website, Miir gives 5% of their revenue annually to different giving projects around the world focusing on water, education and bicycle projects regardless of their profitability as a company. (Read its social impact here: https://www.miir.com/pages/giving)

I believe Miir holds some events and interview sessions about their mission and impacts.
I personally like to support the business that has its social missions and would be happy to see more of these types of business!

  • Location: 3400 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA 98103, USA
  • Phone: +1 206-566-7207
  • Hours:
    • Monday – Friday: 7AM–9PM
    • Saturday: 8AM-7PM
    • Sunday: 8AM-5PM
  • Website: https://www.miir.com/





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