Cafe Solstice in University District



Do you have your favorite cafe in your neighborhood? What does it look like?

Mine is Cafe Solstice located in University District.

I’m pretty sure that I’d spent the second most time at Cafe Solstice during my undergraduate years at the UW (of course the first place is a library!).

Even though there are tons of other cafes in Seattle that look more chic and serve better coffees and desserts, Cafe Solstice holds the most special place in my heart. I’d got a lot of things done in this place: to study, to hang out, to get coffee and tea, to plan my trips, to write resumes, to skype with my family and to get a piece of cardamom cake.

When I reminisce about my life in Seattle, I miss a cozy neighborhood cafe the most, which is just like Cafe Solstice. This place might not look as hip or fancy as other cafes in Seattle. However, the wooden tables and chairs that look quite old and dusty give me the most comfortable feeling.

My recommendation for drinks from Cafe Solstice is mocha latte! I like my mocha sweet and chocolate-y and the mocha from Solstice fulfills my preference to the perfection. If you are someone like me, don’t miss out on their mocha latte.

  • Location:
4116 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105

b/t 42nd St & 41st St
University District



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