Philz Coffee – San Francisco, CA


Mint Mojito Iced Coffee

  • My reason to visit: One of a kind spot in Bay Area. So unique in drinks and ambiance!

  • One thing I wish it would be better: Less mint leaves

As soon as a winter quarter was over, I took a short trip to San Francisco with my boyfriend. Since Bay Area is a well-known region for excellent dining experiences and outstanding foods, we were so excited for experiencing good foods, drinks and desserts.

As my boyfriend is an avid eater of Mexican cuisine, I did some research on where to get the best Mexican foods in Bay Area and it turns out to be “Mission District”. We headed down to Mission District and seriously had the best, unforgettable, exceptional burritos and tacos!!!

After satisfying our Mexican foods craving, I found out that ‘Philz Coffee’, which was a must-try place on my list, was just a few blocks away from where we were.

Walking down the street to Philz Coffee was such a pleasant experience. The trees along the streets were beautifully trimmed, the sky was clear, the houses along the streets were colorfully painted, and the neighborhood had chill ambiance. After strolling for about 15 minutes, we finally made it to Philz Coffee!


Hand Drip Coffee Bar

A few of comfy-looking couches that looked like I could sprawl on, wooden chairs, the wooden floor, and the full-service coffee bar welcomed us. It gave hipster, cozy, lounge-y,eclectic ambiance. It certainly had its own character!

We already knew what we wanted to try – Mint Mojito Iced Coffee! The flavor of mint kicked in while I was sipping the coffee, which was refreshing enough to wake me up from food coma. I had never seen nor tried mojito coffee before, so this was a unique, special experience for me. I definitely recommend this to anyone! (except those who don’t like mint 🙂 )


Mint Mojito Iced Coffee!!

One thing I was sad about the drink was the amount of mint leaves in a cup. When I was getting close to finish my drink, the flavor of mints was getting stronger and stronger since the so much of mint leaves settled in the bottom.

Although the mojito coffee was such a great drink, I wish I would’ve tried their regular coffee to experience what their hand drip from over 20 customized blends tastes like since that’s what Philz Coffee is known for.

Have you ever been to and tried Philz Coffee? What are your favorite and recommendations? 🙂 

  • Philz Coffee was founded in 2002 by Phil Jaber in Mission District, San Francisco.
  • Multiple Locations throughout town and the country
    • Mission District: 3101 24th St. at Folsom St., San Francisco, CA 94110

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