Stumptown Coffee Roasters – Capitol Hill, Seattle


  • Reason to visit: Good coffee, Good vanilla latte

  • One thing I wish it would’ve been different: Longer hours (currently 7am-7pm) and more seats!

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is originally from Portland, Oregon. In-house tasting, roasting, sourcing and producing tells me how dedicated and professional Stumptown is to serving coffee.

My favorite from Stumptown is (Vanilla) Latte. It is neither too sweet nor too bitter. It is the perfect combination of bitter espresso and a hint of sweetness. I personally don’t like too sweet vanilla latte that only tastes like vanilla syrup. Latte is the perfect mixture of creamy milk and bitter espresso as well.

Stumptown coffee tends to be on a stronger side, so try latte or vanilla latter rather than americano if you’re a person who likes mild coffee.

Cold Brew Coffee, Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, Cold Brew with Milk, Cold Brew with Coconut and seasonal flavors are available on their display in the stores! These canned or prepackaged ones come in handy


Are you a coffee lover? Hunt Stumptown down to grab amazing coffee!

There are two locations around town.

  • Location #1: 616 E Pine St, Seattle, WA 98122, USA
  • Location #2: 1115 12th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122, USA

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