Nice to meet you and welcome to my adventures!

I’m currently based in Seattle, Washington, where scenery is beautiful and you can find a cafe in every block. I moved to Seattle back in Summer 2010 when weather was all sunny and clear every day. It didn’t take me a long time to fall in love with the city (like everybody else!) and have been exploring the city since day 1. For me, Seattle is my second home without a doubt. It has given me uncountable, unforgettable and exciting memories that put smiles on my face.

So, let me explain a little bit about my blog 🙂

What is “BINGSU“?

BINGSU means shaved ice dessert in Korean. There is a variety of Bingsu, and it is one of the most popular desserts in Korea. Just like people like to drink coffee for socializing with people and sharing stories, we eat Bingsu! (we drink coffee too lol). I thought it explains where I come from and what I’d like to pursue on my blog: share, socialize and have fun!

I claim myself as a “forever-tourist” in Seattle after all these years because I love exploring the city, finding a hidden germs, new restaurants, new cafes and observing people and lifestyles.

I’ve always wanted to have my blog to share my experiences about Seattle and my life, so can’t wait to start my journey!

Let’s Begin!! 🙂


Disclaimer: All photos are taken by me unless otherwise noted. Please leave a comment down below if you would like to use my photos.


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